Apple iPad 2 Mock up Spotted at CES Confirms Rumours

Posted on Jan 7 2011 - 9:08pm by Matt Jackson

A mock up of the long awaited second generation of iPad models – known as iPad 2 – has been on show at the CES 2011.

It is being used in conjunction with a docking station from Dexim and carries the name of Gopod Mobile on it. According to these developers the mock up is an accurate representation of the new model.

So what can we expect? For a start it is a little slimmer than the current iPad, and it also a slightly different shape and has some different features.

If the model on display is as accurate as they say it is then the speaker is going to be bigger, there are going to be two cameras (one at the front and another round the back) and it is going to have a flat back with curved sides. 

The official launch should come in the new few months, with as soon as April being mentioned in some quarters, and it will be interesting to look back at photos of this mock up and see how accurate it actually is. It has to be said that it is, on the face of it, a far more convincing looking model then the other iPad2 designs we have seen in recent months.

Other features which are not obvious from the model but which are expected to be included on the new generation of iPads are 512MB RAM, mini USB port and a less reflective and smudge free screen similar to the iPhone 4 retina display. Although you may wonder how it can possibly get thinner and lighter than the first generation design this is a virtual certainty.     

Other minor touches which we expect to see are a relocated home button near the bottom of the machine and perhaps are a smaller black frame around the screen.

The question is whether these cosmetic touches and slight alterations will give us an improved iPad without losing the magic of the original?

Image: Cultofmac

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