Brits Love Gadgets – Official

Posted on Sep 13 2008 - 12:37am by Richard Sharp

GadgetsIt’s hardly a surprise to learn, but we’re going to relay the news to you anyway. Apparently, despite often being treated like technologically half witted individuals, us Brits are the 2nd biggest lovers of gadgets in the world behind just the USA. The Americans spent just over £80bn worth of their own currency on gadgets in the year 2007 with the UK lagging some way behind with £24bn. Germany were third with a meagre £15bn.

When you consider that the US has an estimated population of about 5 times more than the UK and we have fewer inhabitants than Germany, by my reckoning that puts us at the fore of wasting our money on crap gadgets that get chucked in the kitchen draw never to be seen again until the kids are rooting around (presumably they eventually get bored of steeling pens and sellotape and gadgets are seen as the natural progression).

Something else for you to be proud of is that we top the same survey participants when it comes to the purchase of fags and alcohol. Well, you know, we all have to be good at something right?

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