Don’t forget your Apple iPhone update on the 17th June

Posted on Jun 12 2009 - 10:08pm by Richard Sharp

iphone-frontWe are sure that all you Apple iPhone users out there will already have the 17th June marked on your iPhone Calendar, because that’s the day that the iPhone OS 3.0 Software update is available. As if the Apple iPhone isn’t great enough as it is, the guys at Apple have some fantastic new features available in the update that will bring a smile to any iPhone users face.

One of the best of the new features has to be the ability to cut, copy and paste, this has been a bit of a bug bear with users who have felt that this was a bit of a schoolboy error on Apple’s part not to include it. Well the wait is almost over, and post-17th June all the Apple iPhone users amongst us will be able to copy, cut and paste sections of text moving from application to application and they will even have the ability to copy and paste from web pages too. Another one of our favourites is the Landscape keyboard function, which will for those with slightly clumsy fingers provide a more user friendly keyboard to be able to text or email.

There are so many new functions that the new Apple iPhone software update has to offer that it’s difficult to cover them all, but one very big crowd pleaser will be the new MMS function which will at last allow users to send photographs, video, audio and contact details in an MMS message and best of all it will be possible to shoot and add a video instantaneously in a message!

The new Apple iPhone update details should be sent to users automatically but if you would like more information then visit the Apple site and go to the iPhone tab, there you will find all the information on what is new and a button to download the update.

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