Next Android OS will be Ice Cream Sandwich Branded

Posted on May 3 2011 - 3:17pm by Richard Sharp

After much speculation surrounding the next version of Android it seems that a Google software engineer has let the cat out of the bag by naming it in an update to developers. As predicted it will be called Ice Cream Sandwich – another tasty treat that follows the alphabetical trend set by previous versions.

Romain Guy was simply responding to a question in the Android project hub, a developer had reported a small problem which Romain answered, “a bug fix will be provided in ice cream sandwich”. This supports current snippets of information from the Google camp, Eric Schmidt had previously confirmed that the next version would start with the letter ‘i’ which produced a barrage of possible names across the blogosphere, of which ice cream sandwich was undoubtedly favourite.

ice cream sandwich

Previous reports suggested that ice cream sandwich will be a smartphone based OS designed to meld the best parts of tablet centric Honeycomb with Gingerbread, however it’s possible that this OS could be used on tablets and smartphones alike.

At this stage there is no news on numerical branding, the most logical step would be 3.1 if it’s tablet based or 2.5 if it’s smartphone based. Google will probably leak this out in the near future anyway.

What features would you like to see when Ice Cream Sandwich sees the light of day?
Source: Phandroid

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