Next Gen GenPets

Posted on Sep 13 2008 - 12:21am by Richard Sharp

The GenPetIf only they were real – the GenPets is an artistic attempt to get us conversing on the positives and negatives of bioengineering. The GenPet website talks about the pets as though they are real, a sort of ET or Gremlins version of Furrbies (or however you spell them) that are in hibernation when bought in their sealed unit straight from the shelves.

The artist Adam Brandejs has gone to some serious extremes to start a debate over them and bearing in mind how many people thought the War of the Worlds was real, you can bet your bioengineered bottom dollar that Points of View is going to get some pretty terse letters over this one from religious and anti-cloning types (plus that large segment of the population that seem to have standard complaint letters in their My Documents and simply fill in the blanks according to the latest story).

Of course, if it does happen then it’s a resounding “job done” for the artist. In all honesty, they do look a little freaky and if a new Child’s Play film were to be made then these could feature heavily in the cast list.

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