Otterbox Blackberry curve 8300 series review

Posted on Jul 3 2009 - 8:56pm by Richard Sharp

Let’s set the scene. You’re running late, that important meeting starts in half an hour and it’s going to take you that long just to get there! You grab your keys, straighten your jacket and attempt an elaborate manoeuvre to reach for your Blackberry even as you’re running for the door. Only it doesn’t quite work as anticipated and your beloved device plummets to your tiled kitchen floor. The story doesn’t end well. But never fear! Hope is at hand for the careless and the clumsy, or even just the unlucky, because Otterbox have released a new Impact Case for the Blackberry 8300 series. Granted, it doesn’t guarantee that it will protect your Blackberry from all misdemeanour’s – but it will certainly offer some protection for the fragility of the technology.

The slim design of the Otterbox Blackberry case is designed to be functional without the need for an overly bulky lump in your pocket. It’s inevitable that there will be some additional size with the case attached but it’s by no means the worst offering in the market. The case measures 4.32″ x 2.64″ x 0.85″ and weighs just 3oz on its own. The black colouring of the case and its somewhat sleek design mean that your Blackberry doesn’t look like a mobile phone that’s fallen out of the 1980s. Also the ergonomic feel and smooth texture promises a treat for the fingers as you hold and use it.

Three protective layers promise to encase your Blackberry in a layer of security with this Otterbox case. The first layer consists of a thermal formed protective and clear membrane designed to keep your screen and keys safe and free from scratches. Layer two is a hi-impact polycarbonate shell and finally layer three is a silicone skin to absorb bumps and shocks.

Clear instructions included with the Otterbox Blackberry Curve case will have you up and running in no time at all. There’s no need to worry about whether you’ll have access to the important bits and pieces on your device; this custom built case has holes in just the right places to allow access to the camera, sync/charge and headphone jacks, speaker, microphone and, somewhat essentially, the keyboard.

So you know that it’ll fit your phone comfortably and look fairly sleek, you know what it’s made of and, more importantly, you know that you’ll be able to access the important features. The question that remains is what the case actually does. Otterbox state that this case is not intended for protection against water and that it does not protect against dust. We’re informed that it will provide some added protection against bump and shock; the qualifier in place to ensure no legal action can be taken when the case is unable to protect the Blackberry brutally beaten with a sledgehammer. No doubt the layer of clear silicone that covers the screen and keys will prevent the somewhat inevitable scratches that have a tendency to creep onto even the most careful owner’s phone. The ingenious multi-layered design will certainly keep the edges and corners of the phone from unnecessary stresses and strains to maintain a permanent ‘as-new’ impression.

Alongside the case itself you’ll be given a few other bits and pieces to help with the ultimate protection of your Blackberry. A detailed installation card will provide all the instructions that you need to quickly and efficiently get the case onto the phone. A self-adhering clear film is enclosed for your phone along with a cleaning cloth. And just to sweeten the deal that little bit more Otterbox provides a one year warranty with their Impact Case for the unlikely event of a material or workmanship defect.

This Otterbox Blackberry Curve Impact Case will offer protection to the Blackberry Curve 8300, 8310, 8320 and 8330 models. As the case has been designed for this particular series you can be confident that it will fit to your own Blackberry perfectly.

If you’ve been searching for a way to keep your Blackberry Curve free from danger then this offering from Otterbox could be just the thing for you. Though it may seem that different makes and models of phone have recently taken over the market share that Blackberry once dominated there is still a dedicated Blackberry fan-base and, as such, a market for this Otterbox case. Otterbox may be a bit late with the release of this one but as they always say; better late than never!

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