Sony Phones in the Shower and In the Bath

Posted on Jan 23 2013 - 9:29pm by Robert

If there is one thing better than sitting relaxing in the bath it is sitting relaxing in the bath while using your smartphone.

If you have spent time in Japan lately then you may have already enjoyed the undeniable pleasure of some bath time phone use but waterproof smartphones are scarce outside of the land of the rising sun.

That’s all going to change though, as Sony has now announced that a new waterproof phone will be with us shortly. It has even been described as safe for use in the shower, for all of you who prefer a more continental way of cleaning yourself.

Capture That Rubber Duck Moment

phoneThe model which you could soon be taking pictures of your rubber duck with is called the Xperia Z and it is said to be able to take high dynamic range video footage, which might be of more use to you when you are diving or snorkelling rather than in the bath.

A Sony analyst said that there is still “a mountain to climb” for the Japanese company to progress but that they are on the way now, as evidenced by this new phone.

It is going to be an Android phone and we know all about it because it was on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in some boring sounding place called Las Vegas. The new phone will have a 5 inch screen and will withstand up to half a minute in water of up to a metre.

Steve Walker is an executive at Sony and he said that if you want to watch an HD film in your bath “this is the device for you”. So now you know.

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