Google Doodle Rings in 2011 New Year with Fireworks

Posted on Jan 1 2011 - 1:12am by Richard Sharp

2010 is officially over and to celebrate Google has provided a brand new Doodle featuring the Roman numerals MMXI – translated this means 2011.

The numerals are surrounded by fireworks much like the ones seen in Sydney, London and New York. The Doodle is the last of 2010 and indeed the first of 2011; we hope this year will be as fruitful as last year’s graphical offerings.

2010 saw Google launch animated Doodle, the dots logo proved to be very popular as did their special Doodle’s for Halloween featuring Scooby Doo, Jane Austen’s Birthday, Christmas, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Birthday and of course the colour changing logo.

Today’s New Year’s Doodle has provoked a lot of interest on the micro blogging site Twitter with users guessing what it meant, thankfully all is now clear and we know it’s Google’s way of ringing in the New Year.

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